How we recruit

Our Sanlam Commitment defines the expectation we have for each other, and it’s how we reward our employees for the efforts they invest in their work. It’s also a way for us to add value to the relationship that we forge over the course of each employee’s career. This relationship starts during recruitment already and we wish to ensure that your journey from beginning to end, is a positive experience.

The Sanlam Group is committed to transformation and embracing diversity and our employment equity plan and targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process. This commitment is what drives us to achieve a diverse workplace with employment equity as a key goal to create an inclusive workforce, representative of the demographics of our society as well as people with disabilities.

Sanlam also ensures that our teams involved in the recruitment process are adequately qualified and trained. The shortlisting process will only start once the application due date has been reached. The time taken to complete this process will depend on how far you progress and the availability of managers.

Our recruiting principles

Throughout the recruitment journey, Sanlam adheres to the following criteria:

·       Confidentiality
·       Non-discrimination
·       Recognition of prior learning
·       Employment equity

Our recruiting principles

Throughout the recruitment journey, Sanlam adheres to the following criteria:
·       Confidentiality
·       Non-discrimination
·       Recognition of prior learning
·       Employment equity

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process

To learn about what you can expect in our recruitment process please read below.

  1. Advertise the vacancy
  2. Shortlist candidate
  3. Interview shortlisted candidates 
  4. Assess selected candidates
  5. Conduct reference and credential checks
  6. Make the job offer
  7. Job offer accepted and on-boarding commences 

Our assessment process

Certain jobs require a specific skill and set of behaviours and are called ‘competencies’. We measure these ‘competencies’ in our assessments by way of psychometric appraisals, interviews and other evaluations. It’s for this reason that assessments form part of making the match!

The Assessment Guide provides more clarity on what to expect from our assessments.

Download our assessment guide



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