When you work for Santam, you work for a company where substance, quality and value matter. We thrive on doing the right thing.                          Delivering insurance good and proper. This fundamental commitment to excellence sits at the heart of everything we do. Expect to do meaningful work.  @Santam #BeInsured

You are joining a successful 100 year old business that has a powerful legacy and a proud history of strong performance. We are the undisputed market leaders and yet, we remain committed to challenging ourselves, pioneering new industry waves and seeking out the disruptions of the next 100 years.  Expect to innovate, adapt and shift. #BeInnovative

We employ the best and most sought after talent in all fields. The expertise of our people is widely recognised as industry best. When you work at Santam you will work alongside the brightest minds who continuously deliver results and raise the bar on competence and yet remain humble, value driven and always striving for better.  Expect to learn from the expertise around you. #BeInspired

Santam is a place where we support our people to develop and grow. We are a company, rich and diverse in our people, our ideas and the contexts in which we do business. We are a proudly South African company with a growing multinational footprint, allowing us to offer our people exciting opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves, develop varied skill sets and expertise. Expect to build a diverse and challenging career. #BeIntrigued

When you work for Santam, you work for a company that cares. We treat our own people with the same level of diligence and concern that we apply to our clients. We take the responsibility of being your employer seriously and look to live out that careful commitment in our day to day dealings with employees. Expect to be valued, respected and treated as part of the family.  #BeIncluded

At Santam you are more than an employee. You are a valued member of our team. Santam is more than a company. It is a home for you to realise your potential. #BeIn


Our sales model consists of an intermediated as well as a direct model.

In the intermediated model our Broker Services unit works alongside brokers, portfolio administrators and managers to drive the support and service to identify opportunities and drive sales targets. The supporting roles in our intermediated model are Key Account Managers, Relationship Managers (commonly known as Broker Consultants in the insurance industry), Regional Managers and Service Consultants.

Our Contact Centres provide operational services and support in either personal or commercial lines to the intermediary channels and the key internal roles.

In the Direct model Santam interacts directly with the customer through our Sales and Service Consultants.


A key performance driver for us as an insurer operating in the current and future business environment is superior underwriting and risk assessment. In underwriting we manage risks on behalf of policyholders who have chosen to insure their personal or commercial assets with us. Join our highly experienced team of underwriters who ensure that we maintain our competitive edge as a key general insurer in the market.


Boasting with an exceptionally high pay-out ratio, we look for reasons to pay our customer’s claims rather than reasons not to. Our claims business is the key internal enabler, ensuring an effective and efficient claims process and experience. We offer diverse employment opportunities in our claims environment with one of them being Claims Assessors. If you are interested in a Claims Assessor role or any other career opportunity in claims, search our available jobs or register your candidate profile; enable the job alert functionality which will automatically keep you informed of available claims career opportunities.

What could go wrong?

We live in interesting times. When things go wrong, wouldn't you want to be with the employer that makes it right?

Career Opportunities

Whether you are starting your career or you are an experienced professional, Santam offers opportunities in many diverse fields including, sales and client services; accounting and audit; underwriting and claims;  information technology; operations and admin; legal, risk and compliance; marketing and communications; human resources and many more.  If you are looking for a career and not just a job search our career opportunities and get started to become part of the Santam family.