Feel recognised & be rewarded

Our people’s success is at the heart of our business success. We want you to feel acknowledged, rewarded and recognised for your contribution to the organisational success. We care about every facet of our people’s lives, we have created a support system that enables our people, their families and communities to thrive.

Social & Lifestyle Programmes

We acknowledge and recognise that our people's success is at the heart of our success. We aim to provide care and understanding around every facet of our employee’s life and will constantly communicate how much we value their contributions.


It’s important to ensure that our employees feel recognised and are rewarded for the exceptional work that they deliver. At Santam, Applause is our recognition programme where managers and employees are allocated monthly points to recognise colleagues for demonstrating our Santam way values.

Santam Yell for Yellow

Anything, anywhere, anytime! With Santam Yell for Yellow you get exclusive access to a range of lifestyle offerings and value added services. We organise, arrange, collect, deliver and negotiate anything on your behalf, which saves you valuable time and money.

From expert advice to emergency assistance, and information services to online shopping – Santam Yell for Yellow simplifies your life, so you can focus on doing the things that really make you happy.

Offering professional support to employees. Mainly offers psychosocial counselling and includes financial and legal advice.

Our holistic wellness offering is designed to elevate our employee’s overall day to day experience where achieving balance in your life is the route to wellbeing. We do this through focusing on physical, psycho social, lifestyle and financial wellness offerings that can be tailored to your individual needs.

The aim of the financial wellness programme is to provide you with expert practical solutions for all your financial needs administered by an independent team of coaches who are specialists in the field of financial wellness. The program covers a range of topics and also provides our employees with individual one on one coaching.